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       Promising new talent Karegan has built a following with her unique style that effortlessly combines the Classic Rock styles of Def Leppard and Bon Jovi with the 90s Country feel of Shania Twain, creating a sound all her own. 

She says it best, “I want to tell a story with my music like Country, make people want to dance like Pop, and have everyone jumping out of their seats from the energetic Rock elements.” The former Floridian turned Belmont University grad showcases her style and captivating vocals on her latest release, “Snake.” With all-star producer Bill McDermott (Brett Eldredge, Michael Ray, Billy Currington) at the helm.


Karegan’s love for music stems from her father, who introduced to her various genres at a young age. It was Bon Jovi’s Have a Nice Day Tour that proved to be a turning point in the life of the then 8-year old. After that moment, she saved up all of her birthday and Christmas money to buy a karaoke machine. Before long and well before she was even out of elementary school, she pursued learning to play guitar and writing music. Things turned serious when she booked her first show by hacking into her mom’s email account…. And she hasn’t looked back since!


Supportive parents helped mold the then teen and emerging artist. She explains, “The amount of money, hours, sweat and tears my parents and sisters has given to me, in a way it’s their dream, too. My dad is my inspiration and my mom is my rock. For every doubt I had in myself as an artist, my family was there to remind that it’s okay to be different and to do something new.”


While only a teenager, she released her first EP and 2 singles which led to her first big break, a performance at CMA Fest. While other kids were attending parties and social functions, Karegan spent most weekends performing at least 2 shows around her native Florida, in turn building her chops and fan base. In high school, she was nominated for two SSA (Songwriters Showcase of America) awards: Artist of the Year and Song of the Year for “It Will Be Okay.” 


It was only natural that Karegan would find herself in Nashville, a place that embraces all genres and pushes the boundaries. Music City is also the place where Karegan’s music evolved and she found confidence in not only who she is as a person, but as an artist. A chance meeting led her to working with Music City hitmaker, producer Bill McDermott. She explains, “When you find a good producer, they’re like a translator to a new language you have yet to learn. That’s the experience I have had working with Bill McDermott. There are no apologies, wrong questions or bad ideas - just music. It’s so important to find someone that listens to you and can bring your vision to life.”


The future proves promising for the budding star as she prepares for upcoming releases.


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